Jimmy Kimmel Shares His Love of Pizza With Former U.S. Representative

Rumor has it, Jimmy Kimmel is the coolest person ever. Not that we didn’t already know that. However, spies for The New York Post reported that they saw the talk show host at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix Arizona after speaking at a conference for Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative University. That might not seem unusual, because I like to grab a bite to eat after I attend Clinton’s conferences, but reportedly, Kimmel hosted a pizza dinner at the restaurant for former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly.

Kimmel is said to have invited approximately 30 guests, including those who were with Giffords outside the Safeway grocery store in Casas Adobes, Arizona, when a gunman shot at the crowd, injuring 19 and killing six in 2011.

At the rumored dinner, Kimmel, who is an alumnus of Arizona State University and had a local radio career there before trying his hand at comedy, was said to have, “just made everybody in the restaurant feel special,” according to The New York Post. Although it’s unclear as to whether or not this dinner actually did take place, it doesn’t seem unlikely and is especially heartwarming. However, even if it turns out that these rumors are in fact just rumors, it’s worth noting that Kimmel is still a pretty good guy, and probably wouldn’t be able to take selfies with the entire Clinton family if he wasn’t so great.