'Dynasty' Star Kate O'Mara Dies At Age 74

In the world of television, the women of Dynasty have long been icons. Now one of those women has left us: Dynasty star Kate O'Mara died Sunday of an undisclosed illness. She was 74. An English actress, O'Mara played the role of Caress Morell in Dynasty in 1986. Morell was the scheming sister of Joan Collins' Alexis Colby.

Aside from her role in the iconic soap, O'Mara also made repeat appearances in the original run of Doctor Who, playing the villain Rani, a renegade Time Lord and scientific evil genius exiled from Gallifrey and who, like Caress, is hoping to funnel her skills — in Caress' case it was a tell-all book full of secrets — into power.

O'Mara made her stafe debut in a 1963 production of The Merchant of Venice and her last acting gig was as Barbara Simmonds in an episode of the British sitcom Benidorm. Outside of her acting career (she was very well-known on the British stage and ran a theater company, too), she also wrote two novels and two autobiographical books. Here's a snippet from the promo for her autobiography Vamp Until Ready :

Our condolences go out to her loved ones.

You can listen to her talk about her life and her work in the interview below:

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