'Real Housewives' Brandi Glanville's Son Was Rushed To The ER And Everyone Freaked Out

Typically, “all will be fine” and “help save my babes life,” don’t go together because they send out differing messages. However, I guess it’s possible, because Brandi Glanville said so when son Mason was rushed to the ER today while experiencing his first trip to New York City. And of course, because the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is not one to shy away from being overly dramatic, especially with her co-star, Joyce Giraud, Glanville took to Twitter to give us the details of her son’s hospital trip.

Glanville said that 10-year-old Mason spent 8 hours in the ER, claiming it would be a trip to NYC that he would never forget and that it was his first time in an ambulance. Yet of course, the celebrity posted an image of her son’s arm hooked up to an IV drip that’s equally as dramatic as her tweet because pics or it didn’t happen.

Six hours later, Glanville came back to Twitter to reassure us that Mason was okay, because we were all super worried, and she said, “Just want to thank all the hard working Dr. Nurses & EVERYONE that put up with my crying panicked ass and help save my babes life!” An hour after that, she tweeted, “Thanks for your we’ll wishes regarding Mason he is doing a lot better and all will be fine.” Oh thank god. No, seriously, I am happy that young Mason is healthy and well because apparently a doctor actually had to save his life (still to be determined why), but were these tweets absolutely necessary?

Maybe it’s merely a celebrity thing to let all fans and followers know about the personal details of their lives, and maybe I’m just being hypocritical because I wouldn’t be writing about this otherwise, but it seems like Glanville just wanted attention. As usual. If I posted pictures of myself in the ER, which I wouldn’t in the first place, it would be extremely out of character. Yet when a celebrity does it, we’re all supposed to jump out of our seats and send our prayers.

The response from these followers probably explains it best:

Plus, it looks like she may have left ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, and new wife LeAnn Rimes in the dark. Three hours ago, Rimes tweeted (because everyone is tweeting), “Got a text from a friend at 4:30am asking if mason was ok. THANK GOD! Mason just called Eddie himself! It’s been a panicked morning not knowing anything and mason being all the way across the US. Relived to know he’s ok.” Well, with awkward marital issues aside, I’m glad that Rimes is “relived” and everything is “we’ll,” according to Glanville.