The 'Bachelor's Juan Pablo Gets Drink Thrown in Face, Continues To Be Hated

Sometimes it seems like if the collective will of the pop-culture obsessed Internet throws their weight behind something hard enough, it might actually manifest into a reality. This seems to be the case in a recent development involving The Bachelor 's Juan Pablo. Because Pablo got a drink thrown in his face by a woman who didn't appreciate what she saw of him on The Bachelor. And though we do not condone drink-throwing unless absolutely necessary, it's hard to deny that thousands of others have had a similar urge while witnessing his run as a TV star.

The incident occurred at a Resort in Atlantic City (no offense intended towards New Jersians, but...of course this happened in Atlantic City), when a girl walked up to Juan Pablo, called him a "f***ing douchebag," and threw her beverage directly in his face.

Pablo was at the resort with Bachelor winner/girlfriend Nikki Ferrell, quite possibly as part of their recent post- Bachelor PDA tour. By all reports, it seems the woman so gravely offended by Pablo was not anyone he knew, but rather one of the very many people who took part in what Bachelor host Chris Harrison referred to as an audience-vs.-bachelor controversy "unlike anything we've ever seen before."