One Directions' Perfume Ad Makes Fun of the French — VIDEO

It seems that everything that One Direction touches is destined to turn to gold. Their first fragrance, Our Moment, became the fastest-selling fragrance of 2013 and their highly anticipated second fragrance, That Moment, is set to be released in May. It's described as a "Special Edition fragrance" that blends some of the scents from Our Moment with some brand new ones, and let it never be said that 1D doesn't know what their fans want. Just take a look at their ad campaign. Earlier this month, they released a photo advertisement that made it look less like they were selling perfume and more like they had gotten a five-way tie on a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to be the next James Bond. Now, they've finally released the One Direction film behind the fragrance, a documentary of a hilarious photo shoot starring an over-the-top French photographer and the bewildered, but obedient, band he is trying to direct.

"I take the picture and from looking at the picture you can tell how the perfume it smell," says French photographer Girolle. "That is why they ask for me. That is why they ask for Girolle."

A girolle is the French-based name of a kind of cheese knife, just to give you a hint as to the level of pun and parody going on in the video. He yells instructions that make no sense. He collapses in exhaustion when he finally gets the perfect shot. He takes each of the boys to the side and tells them that the photo shoot is all about them.

Meanwhile, the boys, for the most part, manage to keep admirably straight faces throughout. At one point, Liam Payne expresses what an honor it is to work with a photographer of Girolle's caliber — while Girolle smacks his male assistant Rochelle in the background. Later, Girolle has Rochelle play a bongo drum as he sings, "It's okay, Mr. Niall," and holds Niall Horan while he cries.

There are lots of moments in the video that will stay with you after you finish wiping your eyes and holding your sides. Whether 1D is, as Girolle shouts, "the greatest band in the world" is a matter of opinion, but they definitely have the greatest sense of humor in the world. Watch the teaser below.

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