Is Kanye West OK? The Rapper Has Been Hospitalized For Exhaustion

On Monday, after a series of concerning speeches during his recent shows, Kanye West cancelled the remainder of his Saint Pablo Tour, leaving many fans worried about the rapper. The cancellation came after he had already canceled his Sunday LA show, and after he'd shocked fans by voicing his support for Donald Trump and speaking out against Beyoncé and Jay Z. The day after he canceled his tour, West was reported to be hospitalized, and his rep has now confirmed to the New York Times that West was willingly taken to UCLA Medical Center. Of course, fans and those who follow pop culture are now probably wondering if Kanye West is OK.

The answer to whether West is "OK" is relative, of course, but his rep did confirm to NYT that he was hospitalized for exhaustion. "Exhaustion" doesn't describe exactly what happened with West, but it's clear that whatever he was experiencing, it required swift medical attention. Judging by the information that has been shared so far, West seems to be OK, at least in the sense that he is in the proper hands that can assess his situation and, hopefully, get him on the path to recovery as soon as possible for himself and his family.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Monday night after news broke of the hospitalization, West's rep spoke anonymously with The New York Times , and told the site that West's doctor was the one who alerted the LAPD to West's condition, which led to their visit. The visit was considered a "medical emergency" and was handed off to the fire department. West was then taken to the hospital.

There has still been no word on how long West will be hospitalized or exactly what emergency he was experiencing, but he is thankfully now in a safe place.