Who Is Jacob Whitesides? The Up-And-Coming Singer Is Definitely Going Places

There's a singer on the brink of mega fame, and America will be able to watch him do his thing at the 2016 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you haven't heard his music yet, when he pops up on-screen, you may be asking yourself: Who is Jacob Whitesides? This Tennessee native is only 19 years old, but he has major stars in his eyes. The singer and guitar player has feel-good, catchy pop songs and a soulful voice that the internet has been going crazy over for quite some time now. Think John Mayer meets Justin Bieber meets John Legend, with a little bit of Andy Grammer. Music to the ears and then some. Whitesides has millions of social media followers, with nearly a half million on YouTube — where it all began. Beyond the internet, the whole country's about to fall in love.

Whitesides recently released his debut album Why? with hits, like "Focus" and "Lovesick," which may sound familiar. And get this: Whitesides is the CEO of Double U Records, which was launched last year. What a boss. The teenager's drive and talent was first put on display when he started posting cover songs by artists like Bieber and Jessie J on YouTube four years ago, allocating a huge following. He's as talented as he is adorable:

Jacob Whitesides on YouTube

In 2012, he got even more eyeballs after making it through the first cut on The X Factor. Since releasing his debut single and video for "You're Perfect" in 2014, the artist has had a handful of singles, videos, and EPs, leading up to his big album release.

He also posts amazing Instagram photos, which also make him someone worth following. Exhibit A:

It sounds like big things are ahead for Whitesides, and he's going to crush it on Thanksgiving and beyond.