'How I Met Your Mother' Theme Song Goes 8-Bit, Would Make a Great Video Game

Considering the blippy, bubbly, and all-around energy of CBS' How I Met Your Mother , we're only surprised this didn't happen sooner. An intrepid fan of the long-running series on SoundCloud, MattLewisMedia, has taken its incredibly catchy and fun theme song and turned it into a — wait for it! — 8-bit video game theme song. Which has given way to visions of an entire video game based on the series, because wouldn't that just be legen—wait for—oh nevermind, you know where that joke was going.

But to be serious for a moment: couldn't you totally picture it? Old-school, pixelated Ted running from rogue memory to rogue memory like he's Super Mario (Marshall would obviously be Luigi), attempting to meet The Mother, only to be intercepted by terrible first dates, awkward interactions, a slutty pumpkin or two, and even a few rogue pineapples? Admit it: you love it! There'd even be a bonus level "Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit" dance-off, and a final battle where Barney — clearly doing his best Bowser, which he probably already has a play for — and Ted must battle it out over the bro-code while Robin occasionally distracts Ted on his mission towards eternal romantic bliss.

It's a fun combination of old and new with bleeping bits of video game's aural ephemera taking over for the ba-da-das we've all come to know and love — or at least been unable to escape our eardrums whenever we hear it. And since we're mere minutes away from the end of How I Met Your Mother we figured, hey: might as well post it, right? Hey now, hey now: don't dream it's over.

Image: CBS