What's Different About The ColourPop Holiday Mini Lippies? It's A Small But Fun Change — PHOTOS

It's a small change, but it's a fun one nonetheless. ColourPop's Holiday 2016 Mini Lippie sets are adorbs, because "littles" of anything usually are! There's the "On a Whim" Ultra Satin Lip set and the "Good Times" Ultra Matte set. Each collection focuses on one of the affordable, on-trend, and quality brand's beloved liquid lipstick textures in a portable, sample size. There's also one change to the ColourPop holiday lippies. But don't worry or hit the panic button, ColourPop devotees. The change has nothing to do with the formula. Whew, right? So, how, exactly, are the ColourPop Holiday Mini Lippies different?

The packaging is different and it's limited edition. I'm not talking about the boxes, either. The actual lippie tubes are frosted matte, with black caps. The tubes remind me of a window pane in winter. You know, when it's all sorts of freezing and "Brr" outside and the glass gets a little iced over, right?

ColourPop lippie tubes normally have a bit of shine and are paired with mirrored caps.

Observe the small but fun update to the ColourPop Ultra Satin and Ultra Matte lippie tubes in the Mini Sets, as posted on the brand's Instagram. The frosted matte tubes and black caps apply to all of the holiday lippies, not just minis.

You can see the lightly frosted and matte tubes here. So cute! It's a tiny, unique change that lets you know these lippies are part of the holiday set.

Here is the Instagram post that pointing out that the packaging is back for a short period of time and that it's different.

So many color choices and formulas.

The Ultra Satin swatches will have you coveting the set.

Mix and "Matte!"

ColourPop junkies clearly dig the frosted vials.

I don't disagree with the ColourPop fans who are crushing on the holiday tubes. It's a subtle but effective change. It's not too drastic but it adds another element of beauty, freshness, and surprise to the holiday set.

Images: ColourPop/Instagram (5)