Lena Dunham Reacts To Her 'Gilmore Girls' Shoutouts, Just Like Any True Fan

Pop quiz time. What do you think of when I say these two magical words: Lena Dunham? Do you think of her as (a) that quirky writer, director, newsletter-founder, queen of television? Or (b) as the gifted daughter of two famous artists? Or do you think (c) "crazed Gilmore Girls fan, just like me"? If you opted for the latter — ding-ding-ding — first prize, gold medal, pass Go, collect $200. Because when one of the Gilmore Girls revival's pop culture shoutouts referenced Dunham, her reaction was basically what mine would have been. She took straight to Twitter to make her allegiance to everyone's favorite cult show public: "Being referenced in the new Gilmore Girls cured every ailment I've ever had. I love you Stars Hollow!" Same.

This is funny, in a way. After all, the Gilmore Girls hasn't been on air in nine years and the series that launched Dunham into the spotlight, Girls, is still going strong. Whatever you think of her, Dunham is a cultural juggernaut and her TV game is everything. While it makes sense that Gilmore Girls would pay her lip service, it's all sorts of sweet that Dunham feels passionately enough about the show to pay that compliment right back. So, sure, Dunham is a superstar — but even superstars love Gilmore Girls.

And if Dunham felt the Gilmore Girls love, she should have felt it twice over — because she wasn't just referenced once. She got a shoutout when Rory discussed how Dunham would just have to do without her in Brooklyn following her move back to Stars Hollow and, of course, came up again when high-powered Paris Geller had a meltdown in the Chilton bathroom after seeing Tristan and stressed that she can't face Dunham at the 92nd Street Y for a book talk in this state of mind. Then following Dunham's tweet, Gilmore Girls gave her one more shoutout, this time online:

I couldn't have put it better myself.