Is Mario Dead On 'Gotham'? Jim May Have Lost Lee & Her Husband Forever

Will Jim Gordon ever catch a break? No matter what this guy does, it seems like he'll always be unlucky in love. He lost his fiancée and unborn child, then his new girlfriend was shot and almost killed because of him, and now, Jim may have killed Mario, Lee's new husband, on Gotham. It's just the latest entry in Jim's unfortunate romantic history — and his unfortunate police work history, to be honest. He had one job! Shoot to disarm, not kill! I don't think Carmine Falcone will be very happy to hear that his son was murdered, if Jim really did kill him. But even if Mario is somehow clinging to life, I'd still be pretty mad if I was his father. Jim is clearly not good at following basic police maneuvers.

In a weird way, it was a heroic choice, because it wound up making Jim the villain instead of Mario's virus being revealed. I mean, it's possible that in the next episode, Lucius and Falcone will admit to Lee that Jim was right, but really, this seems like a setup for a situation where Jim totally played into Jervis Tetch's wacky hand. He was duped at every stage of the game, from helping Mario beat the test to tracking Lee down and subjecting her to a crazed rant.

One thing that did seem genuine was Jim's speech to Lee about how he regrets not finding her as soon as he was released from Arkham. And Lee's anger once again proves that the romance between them isn't over yet. If she was really completely ready to leave the possibility of a reunion with Jim behind, I don't think she wouldn't have gotten so emotional and upset.

But for now, the possibility of Lee acting on those feelings seems to once again be paused indefinitely. If only Jim could stop for one minute before shooting someone that he's not supposed to shoot. Alas, it was another tragic decision for Jim that could have big repercussions on Gotham.

Images: Jeff Neumann/FOX (2)