Can You Buy The Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Stocking Individually? The Fluffy White Piece Is In Demand — PHOTOS

It's not just about Lip Kits, sweet silver packaging, or those major bundles. The Kylie Cosmetics 2016 Holiday Edition Collection is full of new products and colors. But it also features packaging that doubles as collectible ornaments and the fluffy, plush white stocking. The Kylie Cosmetics stocking was previously available as a free gift with purchase of $100 or more on Black Friday, Nov. 25. I started to covet the faux fur stocking the minute that Jenner revealed that warm 'n' fuzzy-looking sock! But now that Black Friday and the free-with-purchase option is in the rearview, can you purchase the white Kylie Cosmetics 2016 Holiday Stocking on its own yet?

Yes, you actually can! The Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2016 stocking is now available for sale. Brand fans with a flair for home decor can grab the limited edition stocking on Monday, Nov 28 aka Cyber Monday for a 20 percent off discount. The stocking is priced at $40, but it's dropped down to $32 as part of the Kylie Cosmetics Cyber Monday sale.

The stocking is all white and boats the Kylie Cosmetics signature dripping lips graphic. It will look killer from wherever it's hung.

Below is the Insta post confirming that the stocking is now for sale a la carte.

There is so much good stuff available at the Kylie Cosmetics site right now. It's all 20 percent off.

The stocking is so pretty. It's about time Kylie Jenner branched out into Kylie Cosmetics merch. Maybe she'll do Kylie Cosmetics tees sooner than later.

Hang this baby by the chimney with care.

It looks so soft to the touch and will be a welcome and festive addition to any home or bedroom.

Good luck shopping the Kylie Cosmetics 2016 Holiday Edition Collection.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (5); Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics (1)