People Are Terrified About Donald Trump

On Monday morning, a reported shooter on Ohio State University campus injured at least eight people before being killed by law enforcement, according to CNN. All eight people have been taken to the hospital, one in critical condition. Update: The shelter in place on Ohio State University campus has been lifted. The Associated Press reports that what was originally believed to be a shooter was in fact a man armed with a knife. The attacker drove his car into pedestrians on the Ohio State campus then got out and began stabbing bystanders by before being shot and killed by law enforcement.

Even as the story was still developing, people were already taking to social media to speculate on what Donald Trump's reaction would be, especially on Twitter. The president-elect's social media habits have been big news ever since he emerged as a real contender for the presidency during campaign season. His tweet made headlines for what feels like the millionth time this year when, on Nov. 27, he tweeted that millions had committed voter fraud in this latest election — the election that he won. A few hours after posting the first baseless claim, Trump took to Twitter again to accuse Virginia, New Hampshire, and California of having particularly serious instances of voter fraud. Again, his claims lacked evidence.

With news of Trump's latest Twitter antics, and his approaching inauguration, fresh on everyone's minds, it's no wonder so many were wondering what his reaction would be.

Ben Gittleson of ABC News reported via Twitter that the Trump transition team is aware of the shooting and monitoring developing news. However, the president-elect has yet to release a statement, or tweet, about the incident himself. How Trump reacts to this shooting, both immediately and as the story unfolds, will be telling of how he will react to subsequent shootings and other national tragedies throughout his next four years as president.

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