What's In ColourPop's Hot To Trot Kit? These On-The-Go Lippies Have It All

Not a day goes by that ColourPop isn't surprising their fans with something. As if the weekend-long savings event wasn't already enough, the makeup brand created a new lip product that you're going to love. What's In ColourPop's Hot To Trot Kit, you ask? Believe me when I say that this is one beauty launch unlike any other. It's got everything you need for on-the-go application.

This year has been huge for ColourPop. On top of creating tons of new lip colors, eyeshadow quads, and collabs, they've not thought up something completely unique product as well. Their Hot To Trot Kit has five previously existing lip shades and pencils in it. Here's the catch — each of the products is double sided. One end holds the Lippie Pencil, while the other has the matte color. Honestly, I don't know what someone didn't think if this sooner.

Can you think of a better on-the-go lip product? I think not. Even if you have the colors in your makeup bag already, this set is definitely worth the buy. Not to mention that it's only $18 for all five double-sided shades. That's $3.60 per complete lip look. it's even cheaper if you buy before their Cyber Monday sale ends on Nov. 30 at 3am EST.

These might be mini-sized, but the packaging is just too good. The colors inside are Cookie and Skimpy Pencil, Cami and Bound Pencil, LBB and LBB Pencil, Trust Me and Bossy Pencil, and Chateau and Dukes Pencil. That's a huge range of colors from nude all the way to vampy.

Hot To Trot Lippie To Go, $18, colourpop.com

Just look at those swatches! They look gorgeous on all different skin tones. Whether you're looking to buy these all for yourself or split them up for stocking stuffers, you really can't go wrong.

Hot To Trot Lippie To Go, $18, colourpop.com

This will only be available while supplies last, so I'd head over there and shop while you still can!

images: ColourPop (2), ColourPop/Instagram (1)