This Mariah Carey & My Chemical Romance Mashup Is The Christmas Song You Never Knew You Needed — LISTEN

Hey, you. Yes, you over there with the thick black eyeliner and the reindeer sweater. Do you love My Chemical Romance’s cover of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”? Of course, you do. We all love it. Well, guess what? The internet has a shiny new present for each and every last one of us: As Mashable discovered, a valiant YouTube user combined Carey’s holiday staple with My Chemical Romance's anthemic hit "Welcome to the Black Parade." The result: a holly, jolly, emo Mimi and MCR mashup titled "Welcome to the Christmas Parade."

Just when you think you’ve experienced every must-hear version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” that could possibly exist, this unexpected remix shows up to the party wearing a black military marching band jacket over its Santa dress. I am the most on-board. Not only is "Welcome to the Christmas Parade" the Xmas mashup I never knew I needed in my life, but it is now stuck in my head like gum on the bottom of a tennis shoe; moments like Gerard Way wailing, "One day I'll leave you / A phantom to lead you / To join the black parade" over sleigh bells, right before Queen Mimi launches into the chorus have been playing on a loop in my mind for hours. But unlike that unrelenting piece of Bubble Yum smashed into the sole my Converse hightop, I do not want this song to go anywhere. I am happy that this stirring mashup is the only thing I’ve been humming all day.

Go ahead and let "Welcome to the Christmas Parade" by oneboredjeu Mashup soar into you ears.

oneboredjeu Mashup on YouTube

And for good measure, here is MCR’s cover of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

TheBloodParade on YouTube

All I want for Christmas is more Mariah Careyical Romance.