In Other News: July 18, 2013

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Do women suffer more from mental illness than men? Well, yes, says a TIME editorial — and we're all ignoring it for fear of sounding sexist. Get informed (or very angry) here.

Researchers have scoured the New York Times' front page for the last year, and found that men are quoted three and a half times more than women. All the news that's fit for dicks.

People complaining about getting old and forgetting everything might actually be on to something, a new study shows. Those who notice slight memory-loss signs early on often end up being the ones who later go through dementia. Cheery.

In lighter news, here's a video of a bumblebee high-fiving a man. Actually.

Guardian reporter Glen Greenwald has signed a deal to write a book about the Edward Snowden saga.

House Rep Steve Cohen, who announced in February that the 24-year-old swimsuit model he'd been tweeting was actually his daughter, sheepishly revealed today that DNA tests had proven otherwise. Awkward.

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This new series of maps proves that the neighborhood you're from could lengthen or cut your life expectancy by up to two decades. Is your hometown on it?

Do you do a lot of writing in your daily life? If you answered yes, chances are by 'writing' you mean 'typing.' Even though it'll take you three times longer, it's creatively better to write longhand. Slate explains why.

This time, Eliot Spitzer's wife hasn't been standing beside the notorious politician like she did five years ago. The question is, can he win without her?

Al Bello/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Conservative paper The Daily Caller sent a 16-year-old intern to the White House to ask President Obama why he wasn't protecting George Zimmerman. Press Secretary Jay Carney called the question "ridiculous." Watch the scene unfold here.

At marketing software company HubSpot, employees are given unlimited holiday time. The site's founder explains why everyone should follow their lead. Doesn't sound half bad to us...

Speaking of beaches, Brits were confused when this giant dragon skull showed up on one of the beaches. Like, really confused.

Like Google Blogger before it, Tumblr — recently acquired by Yahoo — is cracking down on porn. All of that naked content is now unsearchable, tags have been removed, and adult-rated blogs are harder to find.

Remember Boy Meets World's Rider Strong?

Yeah you do. Strong hasn't had any major hits since BMW, and we think he might have some spare time on his hands. Because sometimes he searches his name on Twitter, and personally responds to each Tweet about him. Excerpt:

Jay-Z has 99 problems, but a hyphen ain't one. The rapper has officially dropped the hyphen from his stage name, and is now just Jay Z. Word.

Finally, here's a video of a firefighter resuscitating a kitten. SRSLY.

(Photos: AP/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)