Lady Gaga's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Performance Was A Medley Of Her New Hits & The Internet Loved It

Lady Gaga has been a veritable one-woman show this year. She’s been promoting her new album, Joanne, all over the place, she had a special small-venue tour, she nabbed the 2017 Super Bowl Half Time Show, and she performed not one but two numbers at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I’m exhausted just writing that, so I can’t imagine how she feels right now. It seemed like the Victoria’s Secret angels were having a great time during Lady Gaga’s performance, and the Internet loved it, too.

Lady Gaga emerged from backstage in a backlit glow, and she strode out onto the runway in this amazing, sheer, floral-printed full-length gown and insane, Lady Gaga-esque shoes (seriously they were like 8 inches high, but at least they were a platform). Then, she sang her newest single, “Million Reasons,” and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Okay, fine — there wasn’t a dry eye in my house. Then, Gaga took it up a notch for her second performance, singing a mash-up of her soon-to-be hits from her Joanne album, including “Ayo,” and “John Wayne.” Is there anything this woman can’t do? I kind of felt bad for the models, because I don’t think anyone was paying attention to them when Lady Gaga was on stage doing her thing.


Apparently, the Internet loved it as much as I did.

To answer the question of one of the Tweeters, no — I don't think that Lady Gaga knows what a national treasure she is. What star does my generation (I guess you can call me a millennial) have that's such a chameleon? This woman can sing everything, do everything, and wear a dress made of meat and still have more creativity in her pinky nail than I'll have my whole life. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show helped further the idea that 2016 is the year of Lady Gaga, and she totally deserves it.

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