Gigi & Bella Hadid Share A Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Sibling Moment & It's So Sweet

My sister and I are especially close, so when I found out that Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid (who are siblings, obviously) would be the first pair of sisters to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show together, I thought it was awesome. Both women are walking in the show for the first time, and to be able to share that with your sibling is especially cool. The sisters thought so, too, because Gigi and Bella Hadid shared a sweet sibling moment at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Though the girls walked separately plenty of times in the show, we didn’t get to see them on the runway together (which was unfortunate, because if they have any sort of dance routines like I have with my sister, it would have been a true sight to see). We did see, however, a quick little interview Gigi talking about how proud she is of herself and her sister for getting so far and working so hard to land their roles in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s not an easy job to get — every model in the industry wants to wear those wings, so the fact that both Hadid women got in the show is a big deal. Gigi even got a little choked up when talking about watching her sister’s journey in the industry. So cute.


What’s next on the horizon for the Hadid ladies? How about a reality television show or something? Bella and Gigi are so charismatic, but they also seem just like regular American youngsters. They love their social media and their cheeseburgers and their Lady Gaga (both were dancing during Lady Gaga’s two performances). I know that I’d definitely watch a show featuring the Hadids and their Hadid hijinks. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is just the first step.

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