How To Get A Free Kylie Cosmetics Eye Brush Set, Because This Deal Won't Be Around For Long

Kylie Cosmetics is always up to something, but this time it's all about giving away free products. Next up in the company's 12 Days Of Christmas Sale is a free brush set. That's right, an entire five-piece collection is all yours at no cost. Well, kind of. How can you get a free Kylie Cosmetics Brush Set, you ask? Here's everything you need to know about the limited-time offer.

The season of giving is in full swing for Kylie Cosmetics. They're offering some great products at no cost, which is making fans even more excited to get their hands on the products. They've already given away free keychains, and gift wrap with any purchase, but their latest might just be the best yet. For one day only, Kylie Cosmetics is giving away a free brush set with every Kyshadow Palette purchase.

While that does mean that you'll have to spend $42 (the price of the Kyshadow Palettes), you're still saving $35 by getting the brushes for free. Not to mention that the brushes are currently sold out on the site, so that's a major perk as well. In my opinion, this is one of the best sales they've had during the season.

The only catch is that you have to order your Kyshadow Palette on Dec. 6. The deal doesn't last the entire day though. It's only around while supplies last, according to the email. There's no telling how many that is, so you should probably just head over there as soon as possible.

The Kylie Brushes are limited-edition as a part of the holiday collection. Like I said before, they're currently all sold out on the site as well. It's unclear whether or not they'll be restocking them again too. Basically, this is a safe way to make sure that you get yourself the set without actually buying it.

So what are you waiting for? Go head over to the website before it's too late!

Images: KylieCosmetics/Instagram (1)