Rob Kardashian’s Latest Dream Instagram Is So Sincere That You Might Get Teary Against Your Better Judgment — PHOTO

Listen, I have a Facebook. I see the rapidly increasing amount of photos of squirming newborn babies. So, I totally get that new parents are typically pretty enthused about the little humans they have just created. It makes sense, a lot of effort goes into it. But, there's just something extra special about a tribute to a baby by a person with a low-key and more aloof social media presence that gives me all of the feels. Case in point, as Us Weekly relays, Rob Kardashian said Dream is the best thing that's ever happened to him in a recent Instagram post and it's... it's a lot, you guys.

*Wipes tears* OK, I'm composing myself now, I swear. This is not the first nor the last picture that Kardashian will show of his daughter, of that I am sure. But, even more touching than the absolutely adorable picture of the infant snuggled up in her pink blankets looking all sorts of comfortable is his caption. The reality star wrote of his tiny daughter, "Sleep baby,,,, best thing that has ever happened to me in my life." Who knew that the dude could be so sentimental? It's killing me.

It's the caption and picture combination as a whole that makes this tribute so very endearing. It's the fact that we get a Rob's-eye-view of Dream sleeping peacefully in her crib and get to hear his innermost thoughts through his caption. It all feels very real and genuine and sentimental. And it's a far cry from the more rough around the edges persona we have gotten from Kardashian in the last year or so. This latest Instagram post proves that above all, Kardashian is just a new dad in awe of his baby, and it's as humanizing as it is super cute.