Is ColourPop's Hot To Trot Lippie-To-Go Kit Worth It? Here's How The Price Breaks Down

You probably already know by know that ColourPop is famous for their almost-daily launches. They're constantly coming out with new eye and lip shades, but this is something like never before. ColourPop's Hot To Trot Lippie To Go Kit is the ultimate on-the-go lipstick duo. Is the new kit worth the price, you ask? The brand is already super affordable, but this item is making the low price even better.

Picture this. You're out for lunch, just finish eating, and decide to go fix your lipstick in the bathroom. You're searching your bag for the matching liner and lippie, but can't seem to find it. We've all been there. But now there's a solution to the problem. ColourPop's Hot To Trot Kit has five different double ended products with a lipstick on one end and a liner on the other. You'll never have to search for a liner ever again!

ColourPop's Hot To Trot Kit, $33, Amazon

Not to mention you get all of this for $18. That's just $3.60 per item. Even better, it's only $1.80 if you break it down between liners and lippies. Any way you look at it, this is a great deal. Every single time I think that ColourPop can't get any more affordable, they do it again.

Hot To Trot , $18, ColourPop

Honestly, I don't know why someone didn't think of this genius idea sooner. The only downside is that you're only getting mini-sized items. It's still a great price though. Fingers crossed that they come out with a full-size version of this kit as well.

To top it all off, you get amazing colors too. The kit have everything from nude pinks to vampy shades and everything in between. Any lip color you could possibly need on-the-go is here. Here are the swatches to prove it.

Hot To Trot , $18, ColourPop

See what I mean! There's not word on whether this is here to stay or a part of the holiday collection. Either way, I'd snag one of these sets before it's too late.

Images: ColourPopCosmetics/Instagram (1), ColourPop (2)