Al Gore's Daughter Has a Female Astronauts Comedy Pilot at HBO, and We Have 19 Space-y Questions For Her

So! Al Gore's daughter, Kristin Gore, is a comedy writer — did you know that? It's true, and now the Futurama and Saturday Night Live writer is getting to helm a ship of her very own: Gore is getting a comedy pilot at HBO about female astronauts. OooOoooohh! Sounds fun and exciting, doesn't it? And with the addition of director Jay Roach (Austin Powers, Game Change, Meet the Parents), well, it just seems like Women In Space is guaranteed to be out of sight. (Because, you know: space!)

The lady astronauts, on a journey to colonize another planet, will no doubt face unparalleled challenges and weird goings-on as they traverse the final frontier. With literally everything about the universe outside our planet's proverbial front door, there's bound to be a bevy of comedic instances. Which got us wondering: Just how spacey is this comedy going to be? No doubt Gore's work on Futurama will lend a hand to her own outer space machinations, but what about the women involved? We've got some questions that we're sure more than a few folks out there want answers to.

  • If they're going to colonize a new planet, won't they, like, need some dudestronauts, too?
  • How far away is this planet?
  • Does this planet have an atmosphere?
  • When will they be ready for space tourists? Can I sign up?
  • Ooh, ooh: What about aliens?
  • Will the planet have friendly species on it?
  • What happens if they litter by accident?
  • If space is bad for your body, how much of the humor will be physical?
  • How many times will they reference Gravity?
  • Follow-up question: What about gravity in general? Will the planet have that?
  • Is there a possibility they might encounter other space travelers? (And for once we don't mean The Doctor of Doctor Who fame — though: any excuse... !)
  • What percentage of their supplies are tampons? (Seriously, they'd need a lot don't you think?)
  • Will Al Gore, inventor of the Internet and keeper of the Lock Box, make an appearance?
  • What do astronauts do on their downtime?
  • Can we get Chris Hadfield to Skype them some fun tips and tricks?
  • Maybe Neil DeGrasse Tyson should meet them halfway on his Cosmos spaceship, eh?
  • Since it's on HBO, will there be any Yellow King sightings?
  • What about our favorite space cadets, Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey?
  • And, finally: will Kevin Spacey be involved?