Bill Murray's Selfie With Lady Gaga Is a Dream Come True, Literally — VIDEO

Everybody has a bucket list, right? Even if it's a secret? Well, Bill Murray's bucket list included meeting Lady Gaga — and he got his wish last night on The Late Show. That's right — Bill Murray, Lady Gaga, and David Letterman took a selfie together. Oscars selfie what?

While the actual event of taking the selfie itself is pretty awkward (and yet somehow, incredible), the whole thing is pretty great. Murray showed Letterman his list (he literally walks around with it), and it says "Meet Ms. Gaga." Letterman asked him if he meant now ("tonight?" he asks), and Murray said, "I have stuff to do later!" (You can see it all in the video below.)

Anyway, while this may or may not have been a smart editing ploy to introduce Lady Gaga for her concert across the street, it still doesn't take away from what a joy it is to watch Murray get excited over Gaga's presence. Moreover, the notion that it wasn't an editing ploy and that it's entirely sincere is highly plausible, since we're dealing with Bill Murray here, and this moment is tame compared to other things he's done on Letterman's show (his resume includes acting as Peter Pan, dressing as Liberace, and even appearing as a hollogram).

Check it out below! Gaga and Murray make for an excellent example for visual juxtaposition, by the way.


Image: CBS