Watch Luke Bryan In A Drinking Contest On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' — VIDEO

We know this guy loves his beer — with tracks like "Drink A Beer," "Drunk On You," and "Take My Drunk Ass Home," it's pretty apparent that this dude's a heavy drinker. But now, he's brought his zest for all things alcohol to day time television (hooray for moms!). You've got to watch Luke Bryan take on Ellen's employee in a drinking contest.

When Bryan appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show, DeGeneres pointed out that the drinking country crooner wasn't the only fan of hops and ales in the studio; she mentioned her employee, Andy Zenor, is also a quite the beer drinker. In true spring break fashion, the two had a drinking contest. So did Bryan, whose musical namesake is about celebrating life with a brew, take home the title of "champion?" looks like Bryan sings big talk. Zenor totally schooled Bryan in beer-chugging, and the audience of stay-at-home moms longed for their sorority girl days. I jest. (But that is reference to Bryan's song "Sorority Girl.")

To top it all off, he then took a tequila shot, despite the old adage "beer before liquor, you've never been sicker," (unless there's some behind-the-scenes vomit footage that we are not privy to). C'mon — even if the cohost of this Sunday's ACM Awards lost this round, he certainly knows how to hold his alcohol. He's gotta be good at it — when you sing about something, folks are going to want to see it! Especially the moms watching him on's all about those vicarious experiences, ya know?

You can watch Bryan swig all that alcohol over here:

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