Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Make Out In A Pile Of $100 Dollar Bills & It Is Peak ChyRo — VIDEOS

Nothing says "Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna" quite like Kardashian and Chyna making out in a pile of $100 dollar bills. Of course, it shouldn't come as any surprise that that's exactly what they did on Wednesday night, Snapchatting the entire thing for the world to see. Guys: We can now officially say that we've reached peak ChyRo.

It all started with Kardashian taking Chyna's phone and taking a selfie video giggling into the camera.

"Chyna's about to be so mad at me," he laughed. The camera then cut away to him tossing a huge pile of $100 dollar bills at the reality star, who was happily sitting on the couch in sweats, just minding her own business. Though Kardashian never exactly revealed why he tossed the bills at her, based on Chyna's annoyed reaction — "Why would you do that?" she asked him repeatedly — I can guess it might've had something to do with a reference to her stripper past.

Either way, Chyna quickly got over her annoyance at her groom-to-be and quickly began flaunting the bills and making out with her guy while the Weeknd's "Starboy" played in the background. If you're wondering, "What the hell is even happening here?" even after reading the description, I feel you.

Still: Money and makeouts — that's what Chyna and Kardashian are all about, right? Of course, there are plenty of other things that make their world go round (like their newborn baby girl, Chyna's son King, and their reality TV show), but I think that these Snapchat vids are a pretty good descriptor of the pair's relationship.

Check them out above! And then cry to yourself while wondering why you too can't make out with someone in a pile of Benjamins.