All The Yule Logs Streaming Online Right Now For Your Holiday Pleasure

For those of us who are not lucky enough to sit by a real, crackling fireplace, the holidays can feel like they are missing something. That is where the classic Yule Log videos come to the rescue. For years people have gathered around their televisions on Christmas Eve to enjoy a simulated fire place because, why not? If you find yourself sans hearth this year, here is a list of Yule Logs currently streaming for your festive pleasure.

Now, the classic Yule Log has undergone somewhat of a facelift in recent years. These aren't all your grandmother's logs, friends. After all, we are the generation with zero attention span, so variety is key. One thing that you can count on for any Yule Log video, is the soothing effect that it immediately gives any gathering. I don't know how they do it, but somehow it just always creates a welcoming, mellow vibe. Throw one of these flickering, faux fires on during a holiday bash and you will have yourself a house full of simulated warmth and coziness.

It's relatively easy to find digital Yule Logs these days, with Amazon and Netflix throwing their hats into the ring, so pick the one that's right for you and prepare to be soothed with holiday spirit.

1. Netflix

Netflix sticks with the traditional versions of the Yule Log. It has three different videos that are set up like three episodes of a season. You can find them under, Fireplace For Your Home. You can have just a crackling Yule Log with classic Christmas songs in the background, a Yule Log without music, or a cracking fireplace with pretty piano tunes playing over it. Each video is one hour long and the quality is outstanding. You might even feel warm.

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime currently has about 16 different free Yule Log videos for you to stream. They range from the classic fireplace setting to some out-of-the-box renditions like, Yule A Go-Go, which features burlesque dancers ('tis the season?) and Redneck Yule Log, which is pretty self-explanatory. No matter your holiday style, there is a burning hunk of wood for you on Amazon.

3. Nick Offerman's Yule Log

One of the best Yule Logs definitely has to be courtesy of Nick Offerman. Last year he uploaded a video to YouTube that featured him, sitting by a fireplace, drinking single malt scotch whisky for 45 minutes. It is magical, and you need it in your life.

4. Yule Log 2.0

This is a super unique version of the Yule Log. Participants sent in animated shorts of their own idea of the Yule Log. The profits from donations to this site go to fund Camp Interactive in the Bronx, where kids can learn code.

5. Outlander Yule Log

From the minds that brought us the series Outlander, Starz has a delightfully Scottish version of the beloved Yule Log. For an hour and a half, watch two adorable pups lay in front of a warm fire, while Scottish-themed holiday tunes (created by Outlander composer, Bear McCreary) play in the background. As a member of clan Urquhart, I find this to be the very best Yule Log out there.

6. Lil' Bub's Yule Log

This one is legitimately just one hour of Lil' Bub being adorable in front of a fireplace. It is everything.

There are options for any and all holiday gatherings. So, pick your favorite and settle in for some comforting crackles.

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