Jeff Bridges & The Abiders To Headline Lebowski Fest, Because The Dude Always Abides

Break out your jelly sandals! Jeff "The Dude" Bridges will be at this year’s Lebowksi Fest. His band, Jeff Bridges & the Abiders (I see what they did there, and I am all about it), will headline the Big Lebowski-themed festival. This won't be the Oscar winner's first Lebowski Fest rodeo; Bridges attended the event in 2005 (and sang “The Man In Me”), and again in 2011.

Lebowski Fest started in Louisville, KY in 2002, but it’s hopped all over the country. This year, the annual festival will be held in Los Angeles (pronounced “Loss Angle-less.” Ain’t that right, The Stranger? How's your sarsaparilla? Just decent? Well, sometimes you eat the b'ar, sometimes the—okay, I'm done). There will be a concert and screening of the movie at the Wiltern Theater on April 25, and a bowling party at Fountain Bowl on April 26. What would Lebowski Fest be without bowling?! That aggression would not stand, man.

"I love Lebowski and all, but can The Dude sing?" you ask. "Can The Dude play guitar?" Uh, yes and yes. Not only is he an immensely talented actor, but he's also a real-deal musician who has released two albums. Also, did you see Crazy Heart? You know, the movie where he played a down on his luck country musician? The role that earned him an Academy Award? He did a lot of the singing. Here he is performing "The Weary Kind" (originally performed by Ryan Bingham):

ABC News on YouTube

While we're here, why not check out Jeff Bridges & the Abiders?:

SSG Music on YouTube

And since we're still here, why not check out this vid of Bridges performing at Lebowski Fest in 2005?:

reelstuff44 on YouTube

Far out.

Image: mrred19/tumblr