Katy Perry's TBT-Inspired "Birthday" Cover Art is Hilarious — But Is It Appropriate?

Katy Perry’s current single “Dark Horse” is still dominating the charts (following its four-week reign at number one, it currently sits at number three), but the 29-year-old pop sensation is already gearing up for the next big hit from her latest album Prism: “Birthday.” Yesterday, Perry unveiled the single artwork for “Birthday” on Twitter. True to form, the cover, which shows Perry and her older sister Angela hangin' out in their Sunday best (check out those satin bows!), is fun, colorful, and a little kitschy (something that could probably be said of Perry’s entire career, really). But is it, well, appropriate for an innuendo-filled song like “Birthday”?

“Birthday” is undoubtedly one of Prism’s highlights: a disco-infused anthem about making every day like a birthday party for Perry's man — but there’s a pretty large disconnect between the song's decidedly adult themes and the cute, “#TBT-esque” single cover. Just look at the lyrics.

"I heard you’re feeling nothing’s going right

Why don’t you let me stop by?

The clock is tickin’, runnin’ out of time

So we should party all night"

Uh, okay. I don’t think Perry or Angela are quite ready to “party all night” juuust yet. Frankly, Perry looks like she’s cranky and ready for a nap. Judging by the pastels, this shot could’ve been taken on Easter Sunday, in which case, I’m sure the girls were POOPED from an early morning Easter egg hunt (Perry’s dad is an evangelical preacher).

"So cover your eyes, I have a surprise

I hope you got a healthy appetite

If you wanna dance, if you want it all

You know that I’m the girl that you should call"

Ruh-roh — do I spy a Colonel Angus reference?? My stars!

"Boy when you’re with me, I’ll give you a taste

Make it like your birthday everyday

I know you like it sweet, so you can have your cake

Give you something good to celebrate"

And now we’re talking about cake as a metaphor for Katy’s boobs/butt/naughty bits. Rihanna is one of her closest celebrity pals, after all.

"Pop your confetti, pop your Pérignon

So hot and heavy ‘til dawn

I got you spinnin’ like a disco ball

All night they’re playin’ your song"

And there you have it: a not-so-subtle climax metaphor! It’s pretty bad, but the worst/best part is yet to come (I kill me):

"So let me get you in your birthday suit

It’s time to bring out the big balloons

So let me get you in your birthday suit

It’s time to bring out the big, big, big, big, big, big balloons!"

Okay, so that bit is actually pretty genius — but it’s not for kids! (I’m not sure if you caught on, but Perry’s balloons are BIG. Just making sure.)

“Birthday’s” clever innuendos are a lot of fun for adults, but for little ones? Um, not so much. (Though that won’t stop Perry’s younger fans from learning every word, which is kind of terrifying.) I realize that I’m starting to sound like a soccer mom who doesn’t believe in bed times after 7 p.m., video games, or high-fructose corn syrup — but I promise that’s not me. I’m just a little surprised by Perry’s strategy here, that’s all.

A birthday-themed glamour shot would’ve probably been more appropriate, though I suppose it wouldn’t have been nearly as hilarious or unexpected. To be honest, I was kind of hoping for the return of Kathy Beth Terry, Perry’s geeky alter-go from the “Last Friday Night” video. Something tells me that Kathy Beth has grown up, gotten her braces removed, switched to contacts, and blossomed into the beautiful swan she was always meant to be. Oh well.

There’s still the music video to look forward to.

Here's a look at the whole "Birthday" cover: