The TEDWomen 2016 Attendees Suggest A New Kind Of New Year's Resolution — VIDEO

Whether you think personal New Year's resolutions are pointless or not, there might be a better approach to take in terms of forward movement in the incoming year. Like, for instance, instead of setting impossible goals for ourselves, maybe it's time we started aiming for more achievable ones — ones that would not only benefit us, but the world at large. This Lifetime Fempire Moment tackles this type of resolution by asking TEDWomen 2016 attendees what "it's about time for..." and their answers to such a seemingly too-broad question are all pretty damn inspirational.

Yes, the question is open to a lot of interpretation, but it's also one that all of the people interviewed took to effortlessly. Maybe it's because we all have a hopeful inkling of where we want to see society go. But maybe it's also because 2016 has been a tough year for most of us, and we're ready to let it go, look ahead, and focus on how we can all improve. It's an inspiring notion to think that, despite all of the hurdles humanity has faced as of late, people are still planning and "dreaming" about better things yet to come.

Case in point, in the video, not one person dwelled on negativity. Rather, they took whatever social issue they saw as a problem, offered up the solution, and suggested that we finally face it.

Some things that that TEDWoman 2016 participants thought it was time for? There was a range of interesting things. Constance Zimmer suggested that it's time for, "people to start paying better attention." Another person said that it's time for "people to start believing the best in each other." The more socially conscious among the calls to action were that it's time for, "young black men... to be able to be safe" and "women to really get that who they are as women is powerful."

Images: Fempire Moments/Lifetime