Lilliana Vazquez Gave Us Holiday Party Style Tips & Judged Some Ugly Christmas Sweaters — VIDEO


There are many stressful aspects when it comes to the holidays, but one of the biggest points of anxiety can sometimes be as simple as what to wear to a festive party. Do you wear sequins? Do you wear an ugly Christmas sweater? Do you give up and sport something you'd wear on a regular outing and hope all goes well? It can get complicated. Luckily, style expert, TV personality, and author Lilliana Vazquez stopped by the Bustle offices to give us some festive style advice — oh, and judge an ugly Christmas sweater competition, because why not?

Whether you're interested in figuring out whether to opt for velvet or sparkles for your party dress, or you simply want to know what the ugly Christmas sweater selection is like this year, Vazquez knows exactly how to help. Vazquez, in addition to having her own blog, is a regular on The Today Show and even wrote her own book on style. Basically, she knows exactly what she's talking about when it comes to all things fashion — so who better to consult when it comes to what to wear to that office holiday party?

And if you're trying to figure out which ugly Christmas sweater is... well, the least ugly, we've got you covered here, too.

And there you have it. Find some velvet platform shoes, get yourself a jumpsuit, and — if you are feeling a little wild — go try on an Elf sweater for good measure.

Images: Bustle