The 5 People You Meet In Your Twenties

Sociologists call it "emerging adulthood." Astrologists call it "Saturn's return." Clickbait sites that prey on your deep sense of inadequacy for traffic call it "the most important decade of your life." I'm talking, of course, about your 20s — when the people you meet are messy, ridiculous, fascinating, and in most cases, infuriating in some way. In all fairness, you're probably just as messy. That, however, doesn't stop you and your friends from relishing in the theater of the absurd cast by these bizarre humans.

In its six seasons on the air, HBO's Girls has showcased plenty of these colorful characters. From the person who tries to write their memoir at 23 to the eye roll-inducing serial monogamists to the blissfully underemployed party animal, we've seen Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna cavort with — and embody — plenty of these 20s-specific archetypes.

Now, with the series coming to a close, our four fractured heroines are wrapping up their 20s, and we'll see once and for all whether they're able to figure it all out. Alternatively, they might just get more comfortable with adulthood being a constant state of not having it figured it out — but such is life. Whichever it is, we've partnered up with HBO's Girls to fondly recall the various people you invariably meet in your 20s. Catch the Season 6 premiere on Sunday, Feb. 12 at 10 p.m. ET.

The One Who Prematurely Writes Their Memoir

Favorite pastimes: Doing things "for the story"; having an admirable lack of shame; stopping you mid-speech and asking "Can I use that?"

Their Instagram feed is full of: Still-lifes of Moleskine notebooks, lattes, and computers; contemplative shots of their feet on the ground to show they left the house; cats

Their Tinder bio is: A series of carefully contrived identifiers accompanied by an affinity for something very specific. "Writer. Dreamer. Unicorn. Fan of taking off socks at the end of the day."

Do they have it figured out? Who knows? You're still waiting to see a draft of that book of humorous autobiographical essays they've been talking about for so long.

The One Who Goes Out Every Night

Favorite pastimes: Going out to shows, bars, and parties; knowing where the best "beer and a shot" deals are; never falling asleep before 2 a.m.; being an astoundingly skilled functional alcoholic

Their Instagram feed is full of: Blurry street selfies taken at Dutch angles; mirror selfies; selfies taken in dive bar bathrooms

Their Tinder bio: "About last night..."

Do they have it figured out? Not in the moment, but eventually they settle down or get sober, so that (sorta) helps.

The Serial Monogamist

Favorite pastimes: Being in a relationship; relishing in the validation that comes from being in a relationship; constantly talking about the person they're in a relationship with

Their Instagram feed is full of: Activities they and their S.O. engage in. If the person's picture isn't in it, they're at least tagged.

Their Tinder bio is: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do they have it figured out? They may feel like they do temporarily. But when they break up with their person, they're sent into a tailspin that sends them floundering to find another warm body.

The One Who's Way Too Old To Hang

Favorite pastimes: Hanging out with people who are way younger them; not immediately volunteering how old they are; talking about how punk they were when they were your age

Their Instagram feed is full of: Only two pictures — one of which is a beer, the other a skyline — 'cause they like to unwind, they're contemplative, and they wanted to see why the kids are so into it.

Their Tinder bio is: A Violent Femmes lyric.

Do they have it figured out? They don't but they're very open about the fact that you never really figure it out.

The Shameless Basic

Favorite pastimes: Getting girls drinks; going on girls' trips; talking about guys; discussing her proud status as a "total Charlotte"; agonizing over where to get her lunch salad; spinning

Their Instagram feed is full of: Latte art pictures; shots of her hand holding a mug that says "But first, coffee"; quotes like "N'amastay in bed"

Their Tinder bio is: "Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."

Do they have it figured out? Not quite, but damn it, she seems to be having fun doing so. Good for her!

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Image: HBO; Shea O'Connor/Bustle