If 'The Angriest Man in Brooklyn' Were More Honest, It Would End in a Lawsuit

Now that Robin Williams is officially a thing again, it's about time he got back into acting. The Crazy Ones is doing well in the ratings and everything, but it's been such a long time since I was able to say, "There's a new Robin Williams movie out! We have to go and see it!" In fact, I don't think I've ever said that, which is all the more reason to hope that The Angriest Man in Brooklyn does well at the box office despite its limited release. The first trailer for The Angriest Man in Brooklyn was released by Yahoo Movies and so far it looks like your fairly standard comedy, i.e. having absolutely no basis in reality.

The trailer mainly features Williams as the titular angriest man in Brooklyn and Mila Kunis as his haggard doctor who, in a moment of irritation, tells Williams that he only has ninety minutes to live. The number was picked off a magazine that professes to be able to teach you how to make a perfect turkey in that time. Faced with the fact that he's going to die at the end of the film, Williams runs around town trying to make amends with his wife, played Melissa Leo, his brother, played by Peter Dinklage, and his friend, played by James Earl Jones.

Of course The Angriest Man in Brooklyn isn't the first movie to feature a patient that's been told they only have a certain amount of time to live. Those movies are usually dramas, but having a doctor tell you that you only have ninety minutes already sounds like it has to be a joke. Considering Williams is propelled into action by the revelation and Kunis spends most of the movie trying to chase him down to take back her rash words, it seems like the real joke will be how he gets through her explanation without threatening to sue.

Then again, the case that is apparently being made is that Williams needed the right push to apologize with all the people he has wronged in his life. In fact, he'll probably come out better for it, like Ebenezer Scrooge came out a changed man from being haunted by ghosts all night and not getting any sleep. Sometimes you need your doctor to scare the hell out of you so you can realize what a jerk you are. Or something. I'm not sure what the exact message is supposed to be here.

Watch the trailer below.

Image: Tumblr