'Heathers' Sequel Might Have Starred Meryl Streep But Alas, Dreams Don't Come True

Before there was Mean Girls, there was Heathers. You may have thought that calling each other "sluts" and "whores" was bad, but this Winona Ryder cult classic about three popular high school girls and a couple who vowed to take them down is much more twisted than a little bit of LiLo and Rachel McAdams drama. However, with disappointment after learning that there would be no sequel to the dark comedy (seriously, time and time again), Daniel Waters, the writer of Heathers, recently opened up about how he had one extremely prestigious woman in mind for a Heathers 2 role: Meryl Streep.

“I did come up with this crazy, cockamamy Heathers 2 where Veronica becomes a page for a senator named Heather, played by Meryl Streep,” Waters said, according to Entertainment Weekly. “The ending is her assassinating the president and getting away with it — and it’s a good thing.”

And boy would we have absolutely loved to see Streep take the part. When Ryder was working on the movie House of the Spirits with Streep, she claims the Oscar-winning actress responded with, “Oh, that sounds really great!” when Ryder pitched the idea to her. Yet Ryder joked it off, stating, “What else are you going to tell a panting 19-year-old? We were in rural Portugal living in huts, playing Chilean refugees. She could’ve been just waiting for me to shut up.” Maybe, Ryder. Or she just wondered if you had a brain tumor for breakfast. We have to commend Ryder for being as ballsy as to approach THE Meryl Streep about the sequel, but it is a shame that nothing has ever come of it.

However, there is no doubt that Streep would have done the role justice, especially considering she has taken on every type of acting role known to mankind. We’ve already seen her play a terrifying Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, which only further proves that she knows how to act sassy like a Heather, but she also played former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, revealing she has the skill to take on the role of an empowered female politician.

Yet as much as we love Ryder and were really rooting for another Heathers film, it might all be for the best considering Mean Girls 2 was a really horrible made for TV movie. I guess we’re just going to have to rely on the real life Kurts and Rams for our entertainment.