Cara Delevingne Is Kissing More Women

Savvy move, Yves Saint-Laurent. No doubt noticing the onslaught of attention Cara Delevingne received following a drunken court-side make-out session with Fast and the Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez, Yves Saint-Laurent Beauty has posted a new campaign featuring Delevingne almost kissing other female models. And, what do you know, the campaign worked! After all, despite the fact that the images themselves are as boring as, apparently, a New York Knicks game, the press is writing about them. Hey, we're writing about them! Way to hook us in, Yves Saint-Laurent Beauty!

Of course, it's difficult to tell what we should feel about the photos. Are they exploitative, cashing in on Delevigne's confirmed relationship with Rodriguez with a campaign that seems more suited for the pages of Maxim than the high-end beauty counter? Or are they progressive, allowing Delevingne to cash in and broadcast her own sexual fluidity in a traditional company's campaign?

Since, however, it's far too late in the week and the day to be doing this much thinking, I'll just go with my initial response. I'm bored, Yves Saint-Laurent Beauty, and was more sold with whatever backwards cap Delevingne was wearing during that Knicks game. Still, I'm talking about it, so, your point Yves Saint-Laurent.

Images: Yves Saint-Laurent Beauty