Key and Peele Take on 'Police Academy' Reboot, Because Hollywood is out of Original Ideas

Comedy Central's Key and Peele will produce Police Academy , a remake of the 1984 film that spawned several sequels and a 1997 television series. Because of the rule of threes, and because we are nearing the point in entertainment where everything has been done before, Police Academy will once again have its day in the sun. Think of it as a hand-me-down jacket from your sister, one that she accidentally stole at a party in college.

Nonetheless, one hopes that Key and Peele will be able to reanimate this flogged horse. After all, the trope of "incompetent policemen" hasn't been fully explored in entertainment. Never mind Brooklyn Nine-Nine and 21 Jump Street. Forget Ride Along and Being Human. Police Academy will be different, you guys. Because, if anyone can do it, it's Key and Peele. They have the physical comedy and witty social commentary to pull it off, not to mention rights to the original theme song. In addition, they might be able to pull Jim Carey out of obsolescence to reprise his role as "Various" in the show's fourth season. Mark my words, citizens: he could ride this horse to an Emmy.

JimCarreyRooocks on YouTube

With Key and Peele at the helm, we can also hope that they provide some of their trademark physicality. The trailer for the original film features a man accidentally hitting his wife in the head with a car door, and Key and Peele are much more advanced. They could take slapstick to a whole new level. If they get this excited about Liam Neesons and Bruce Willy, imagine their energy when it comes to protecting citizens.

Finally, and lest we forget, Key and Peele have the range to liven up both the police and criminals in Police Academy. This skit ends with "Let's go sell some crack," but it shows us that gangsters, too, have hearts. This may be a side of "cop drama" that we haven't seen before, served with manly tears and a side of Key and Peele. And at the very least, this rendition of Police Academy will provide context for the 2025 remake.

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