McCain: Must Know Where Dempsey Stands on Syria

After a Senate Armed Service hearing Thursday where Gen. Martin Dempsey dodged questions on Syria, Sen. John McCain has threatened to block Dempsey's renomination as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“Actually, I’m putting a hold on Gen. Dempsey until Gen. Dempsey responds to the legitimate questions that he committed to do,” McCain said after the hearing.

Dempsey, who's up for a second term, refused to answer whether he thought the U.S. should intervene in Syria. Dempsey would not give his opinion on the matter, although President Obama has urged Congress to send aid to Syrian rebels. McCain also supports sending military aid to Syria.

Dempsey refused to give his opinion on what the administration should do, because “it would be inappropriate for me to try to influence the decision with me rendering an opinion in public about what kind of force we should use.”

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