Watch 20 Guys Learn What a Bikini Wax Feels Like

Most women are pretty well versed in giving themselves monthly breast exams to check for breast cancer — but how often do you think guys get their balls checked for testicular cancer? Not nearly often enough. So what’s a conscious society to do about it? Have a bunch of guys wax their balls in the name of raising awareness and then make this "Not-the-Sac Wax" video of it, of course.

Apparently the most prevalent form of cancer for men between the ages of 15 and 29, testicular cancer is also eminently treatable if it’s caught early on. That’s why Crush and BBDO teamed up in connection with Testicular Cancer Canada to bring you this delightful video. In March, they held a waxing party, challenging 20 men to get waxed in order to draw some much-needed attention to the issue — and I think it’s pretty safe to say that they succeeded. From the first moments of tentative lying down to the hilariously shocked grimaces (in epic slow-mo, of course) when the first strip gets yanked off, it's not a video you'll soon forget.

The beauty of the whole thing is twofold: One, if a dude ever tells you that he’d prefer you waxed when you’d rather not subject yourself to the process, show him this and watch him change his tune; and two, if he scoffs at you when ask him to get checked out for testicular cancer, tell him the alternative is a waxing party. You can even point him in the direction of some handy tips for performing self exams. He’ll thank you in the long run.

Also, bonus points for one of the best uses of “In the Hall of the Mountain King” in the history of the world. Because seriously. It is perfect.

Image: CrushFX/YouTube