8 Famous Faces That Belong On Your Clothing

Breaking, breaking: Tommy Bahama is releasing a limited-edition shirt printed with Jackie Robinson's face. If your immediate thought after reading that sentence was, "Stop everything. My father needs to own that," I hate to be the one to tell you that it's $250...and hideous.

But never fear! The world is crawling with articles of clothing emblazoned with famous faces, and we've got a love/hate relationship with every last screen printed tank top. After all, nothing says "Look at me — no, look my shirt — no, look at me," like a polo with Tim Burton's face on it. Passers by will strain their necks trying to figure out if you or the shirt is the weirder one.

These are some of our favorites, but if you're not satisfied, delve into the wild and wonderful world of Etsy…chances are some friendly seamstress has the same bizarre obsession with so-and-so's face that you do.

1. Marilyn Monroe

Let's face it, it takes a brave soul to wear the face of the most beautiful woman in the world on his or her chest. Thankfully, this shirt doesn't look anything like Marilyn — in fact, it kind of looks like a professional but not very successful Marilyn impersonator — so you should be okay.

Wear it: Marilyn Monroe Thinking of You Shirt, $26, sonsofgotham.net

2. George Costanza

This may be the only crop top in the world that will have people staring at the shirt and not — well, the crop.

Wear it:

George Costanza Crop Top, $48,


3. A young Leonardo DiCaprio

This tank top will transport you back to a time where zero Oscar wins just didn't seem like a possibility and every cute boy you knew had floppy hair.

Wear it: Leonardo DiCaprio Tank, $13.99, etsy.com

4. Family Guy

When shopping for the person who has everything, ask yourself this: Do they have drawstring pants printed with Stewie Griffin crying "I've been a bawdy little monkey" on them? No. No, they do not.

Wear it: Stewie Lounge Pants, $14, webundies.com

5. Angelina Jolie

Maybe you thought you didn't need a larger-than-life photo of Ms. Jolie's face printed on your chest, complete with a bloody lip and deviously arched eyebrows. But humankind once thought they didn't need electricity. So there.

Wear it: Angelina Jolie T-Shirt, $17.99, etsy.com

6. Lil Wayne

At first glance, this just looks like a really ugly used tank dress. But think about it: Lil Wayne is pretty faded. Faded. Get it? Yes, this dress is more meta than the fact that career advising is a career.

Wear it: Lil Wayne Tank Dress, $18, ebay.com

7. Lindsay Lohan

The perfect article of clothing for those who love dancing on the ruins of other people's happiness.

Wear it: Lindsay Lohan Mugshot T-Shirt, $20.99, etsy.com

8. Miley Cyrus

Somewhere, in a small studio, someone lovingly screen printed a pair of high-waisted underwear with Miley Cyrus's face. That's a thought that'll comfort you during dark nights of the soul.

Wear it: Miley Cyrus Underwear, $29, etsy.com