Trailer for 'We Are the Best' Shows Kickass 13-Year-Old Girls in Mohawks — VIDEO

Meet your new heroes: the girls of We Are the Best . The Swedish film, directed by Lukas Moodysson, is about two best friends, Bobo and Klara, who decide to put together a punk band in '80s Stockholm — despite the fact that neither of them knows how to play an instrument. When they run into the guitar-playing, sheltered Hedvig, they ask her to join their band.

The trailer for the movie shows a lot of promise. Sure, it's got subtitles, but more importantly, it has 13-year-old girls sporting mohawks. The girls in the movie are constantly teased and harassed for their boyish looks, but they ignore the bullying and rely on their own strength to create something they're proud of. We Are the Best looks like the kind of coming-of-age movie that's so rare for young women. There's struggles against strict parents and insecurity and fights over boys that are ultimately meaningless, like most coming-of-age films. But perhaps more importantly, the movie is about rebellion and friendship and fighting to create something that you truly believe in.

And the best part? The U.S. rights to the film have been picked up by Magnolia films, and the movie will open in theaters on May 30.

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Image: Svensk Filmindustri