Take a Cue From Resort 2014, and Kick Some Summer Beauty Problem Ass

Frizz. Sweat. Malaise (it's clinical, we checked). It's the ugly underbelly of the summer months, and enough to make you spend the season hiding out in your apartment. The beauty looks from Resort 2014 provide tons of inspiration for showing summer who's the boss. Take that, unruly halo of frizz. [Image: Getty Images]

The Problem: Humidity Is Making Your Hair Unmanageable

The road to frizz-free hair begins by shampooing less (not be confused with showering less). Shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils, making it course, dry, and, yes, frizzy. If you find that skipping shampoos makes your hair too oily, allow me to introduce you to the wonders of dry shampoo. I swear by Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray, the only dry shampoo I’ve found that doesn’t turn my hair into a white, powder-y mess. When it comes time to style, I like to spray Bumble & bumble Styling Lotion in my hair while it’s still damp. I then used a wide-tooth comb it brush my hair back into a low ponytail, like the ones seen at Christian Siriano’s Resort presentation. [Image: Getty Images]

The Problem: Your Whole Look Is Trapped In Winter

Remember when all you had to do to achieve a summer look was braid your hair stick some beads on the end? I’m not about to advocate rocking that look again, but I do understand the desire for a style that screams summer. Take a note from Chanel, and line your bottom lashes with a bold color, like Make Up Forever’s Kohl Pencil in Metallic Turquoise. To make sure the liner doesn’t sweat off, use an eyeshadow brush to tap on translucent powder. [Image: Getty Images]

The Problem: It's Summer, and You're Lazy, Dammit

Summer is supposed to be a time for relaxing, not spending two hours on a halo braid. On those days where you just can’t be bothered to give more than 30 seconds of effort, go for an easy, trendy hair accessory, like the flower crown. Personally, I don’t think I could pull off a giant-sized flower crown, like this one from Moschino Cheap and Chic, but I am a big fan of this mini one from PacSun. [Image: Moschino Cheap and Chic]

The Problem: Your Neck is Sweaty and Suffocating From This Heat

Summer is a time for hanging out on the beach, partying on rooftops, and wiping the sweat off your neck. Now, I can get behind two of those things, but that last one? Sure, you could just throw your hair in a messy bun, but I’d rather go for one of the alternatives, spotted Michael Kors. Use a lightweight serum, like Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum, to slick back your hair into a low bun. This style is ideal for days where you want to look professional, without having to sacrifice pressing the snooze button one (or four) times. [Image: Michael Kors]

The Problem: Too Many Days in the Sun = Dark Spots

Treat dark spots with a serum that will fade small areas, while also brightening up your whole face. I’m a big fan of the Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Serum from Dr. Dennis Gross skincare. At $85, it’s the most expensive skin care product I own, but not only does it last forever (you really only need two or three drops of this magic potion), it also works wonders, giving you glowing, even skin, like the models at the Calvin Klein show. [Image: Calvin Klein]

The Problem: Your Hair Won't Do Anything (No, Seriously)

Then there are those days where your hair refuses to do a thing, and you find yourself wondering if your hair has the ability to conspire against you, and, if so, why it would do such a thing. The hair at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show is one of my favorite looks of the season, mostly because of how easy it is to replicate. Section your hair into three pieces, and loosely twist them to one side of your head, securing the twists with bobby pins. Complete the look with a bold clip, like this vintage inspired one from ASOS. [Image: Marc by Marc Jacobs]