'Parks and Recreation' Turns 5: Here's How Far We've Come, Pawneeans

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Five years ago, the town of Pawnee, Indiana was put on the map thanks to its illustrious team at their Parks and Recreation Department. And in those five years our hearts have grown tenfold with love, obsession, and adoration for the town that Knope built. It's no secret that the NBC series is one of our absolute favorite comedies on television — if not of all time — so it feels necessary to celebrate its milestone anniversary. After all, there's little doubt that a world with less Amy Poehler in it is would've been no world we'd want to have to endure. So thank you, Parks and Rec, for expanding that Poehlerpacity for the greater good of the world.

But it's not just more Poehler that the series has gifted us with: if it weren't for Parks and Recreation there'd be no Treat Yoself, no Burt Macklin, no Jean-Ralphio, no April Ludgate deadpan-y deathstares, no Snakejuice, no lit-rally, and certainly far fewer guffaws in our everyday life. And considering the series was renewed for another season, we're thankful we won't have to know what a post-P&R world looks like yet. The little The Office spin-off that could has come a long way — and grown way into its own — in these past 5 years, so how about we take a wee walk down memory lane and reminisce about how far our favorite government employees have come, shall we?

Images: NBC

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