What Do Jimmy Fallon's Wife & 'Never Been Kissed' Have in Common? A Whole Lot, Actually

You may (unfortunately) only know Nancy Juvonen as Jimmy Fallon's wife, but reducing her to that moniker simply isn't fair. Juvonen is not only a smart, successful woman, she's also responsible for some of the most beloved movies in the past 15 years, most notable is likely Drew Barrymore starrer Never Been Kissed, whose 15th anniversary just so happens to fall on April 9 of this year. So maybe instead of referring to her as the Tonight Show host's wife, we should start thanking this woman for serving up a stoned Barrymore dancing with a reggae band and a feather boa in 1999. I doubt any of us would have been the same without it.

Of course, Juvonen is also responsible for cult classic Donnie Darko, without which many of us would never have found our darker sensibilities, love for Jake Gyllenhaal, or fear of large rabbits. After that, Juvonen had her hand in bringing Charlie's Angels, 50 First Dates, Music and Lyrics, and He's Just Not That Into You to theaters. And whether you enjoyed those films or not, it's impossible to deny Juvonen's box office successes.

But, you may have noticed a bit of a pattern with all of these films: every single one of them has a part for Barrymore because, wouldn't you know it, Juvonen co-operates her production house Flower Films with Barrymore.

And with so few women rocking powerful roles, such as big time movie producer, in Hollywood, there's even more reason to stop calling this talented lady "Jimmy Fallon's wife." Juvonen has more than made a name for herself, even before she married the most pleasant man in the business. So folks, let's give this woman credit where it's so evidently due.

Image: Flower Films; Fox