Kristen Wiig's 'Girl Most Likely' Probably Isn't Worth Your Time

So the reviews for Girl Most Likely are in, and it seems that if you're looking for a movie to see this weekend, you're better off seeing World War Z for the third time. The Kristen Wiig comedy currently has a 15% on Rotten Tomatoes, and isn't expected to do much better at the box office over the weekend. For those still interested, though, we've rounded up a range of reviews:

The Good:

"Wiig, and her sly mumbling, wide-eyed responses and despairing sighs carry much magic. She can be hilarious just lifting her head up out of a car’s back seat." - The Detroit News

"Berman and Pulcini bring a sweetness to the material that suits Wiig’s offbeat talents." - AZ Central

The Middling:

"It’s impossible not to root for Kristen Wiig, even while you wait in vain for the funny to pop in her latest ... a forced, laugh-challenged comedy with an appealing if not terribly well-used cast." - The New York Times

"Girl Most Likely is flat and mostly unsurprising... It works here and there. And then it doesn't." -

"[Girl Most Likely veers] too far into screwball preposterousness .... still, as a platform for Wiig’s considerable expressive talents, Girl Most Likely shows the actress off in all her gawky, painfully self-aware glory." - The Washington Post

The Very, Very Bad:

"Husband-and-wife directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini have had success in the past with inspired subject matter, such as the excellent American Splendor from 2003. Here, they're working from a script by Michelle Morgan that's chock-full of contrived situations and very few moments that actually ring true." -

"A failure from start to finish." - The New York Post

Word War Z for the third time, it is.