Lena Dunham's Touching & Personal Speech to LGBTQ Community Makes Her a Great Ally


Lena Dunham has been a longtime LGBTQ ally, but Dunham's speech at the Point Foundation on Monday was her latest, greatest ally moment yet. While being honored by the Foundation, Dunham went on an adorable rant about how much she loves gay men, queer culture, and her sister, who is gay. Her first joke could have been a little cringe-worthy, since she admitted that "gay men clean up real good, which is probably why I have dated so many of you." But in a moment of self-awareness, Dunham started the joke with "I don't want to traffic in stereotypes, but..." recognizing the problematic stereotypes surrounding gay men.

She got even more awesome after the laughs from her first joke finished. She explained how much she loves and respects her younger sister, Grace, who she identified as a "gay woman." Her story of Grace's coming out makes her family seem like a mini-PFLAG chapter run by Neil Patrick Harris:

Granted, we haven't heard Grace's version of this story yet, but from Dunham's description, her family sounds awesome. And her $25,000 donation to the Point Foundation, which helps LGBTQ students, shows that she wants to continue to support people like her sister. So even if you hate her Vogue cover or her whining on GIRLS , you have to respect her status as a loving sister and supportive LGBTQ ally.