Oprah Makes Lindsay Lohan Cry on David Letterman & It's Perfect — VIDEO

We know LilLo and Oprah have a tight knit bond, but now you have the opportunity to watch Lindsay Lohan call up Oprah on The Late Show With David Letterman. That's right, LiLo dialed O... for Oprah. Hey, she's paying Lindsay's bills, after all.

Lohan, who has the privilege of existing under Oprah's mentorship and guidance in her docu-series Lindsay (which may or may not indicate a positive direction for Lohan, you can decide for yourself), appeared on The Late Show to promote her appearance on the April 14 episode of 2 Broke Girls. She mentioned to Letterman that she thought the two of them should call up Oprah at that exact moment — because why not? Letterman wasn't thrilled with the idea of dialing up O on his show, but the crowd cheered (O-prah! O-prah!), and you know, Oprah always prevails. Lohan and Oprah spoke in front of the audience.

It seems like two really do have a relationship that extends beyond the docu-series, and Oprah Winfrey legitimately cares. Now the big question: do we think Lindsay will show up to Oprah's "The Life You Want" arena tour?

Anyway, you can watch what went down in the clip below. Oprah bring Lindsay to tears, and I gotta say, it's refreshing to see our LiLo show some vulnerability. Watch: