Naya Rivera & Big Sean Should Take Relationship Advice From 'Glee's Santana

But they were their unicorns! In an official statement to People on Wednesday, Naya Rivera and Big Sean ended their engagement. And I'm sad about it — like, really, REALLY sad about it. I also can't help but notice the timing — Rivera's Glee character, Santana Lopez JUST got back together with her soulmate and high school sweetheart Brittany during the show's 100th episode event and now she and Big Sean have called it quits on her real-life relationship? If Brittany and Santana can work it out, these two obviously can, too.

The reason for the Rivera and Big Sean's split is still unknown — and considering that Rivera tweeted a link to a Marie Claire post that named them one of the cutest celebrity couples earlier this week. In a quickly-deleted tweet on Wednesday, Rivera tweeted about Big Sean "stealing rolexes from a lady's house" — which would lead us to believe that something shady went down. But in Sean's rep asserted that infidelity did NOT factor into HIS decision to call off the nuptials. As of now, Rivera hasn't confirmed the split, but the Glee star did unfollow her former-fiancé on Twitter — which we all know, from the Miley and Liam situation, means it's really over.

This might be the perfect situation for Rivera to adopt the "What Would Santana Do? (WWSD)" mantra — no, we're not talking about her calling Sean moderately insulting nicknames. Santana obviously knows how to mend a broken bridge when her soulmate's involved. So what can Rivera and Big Sean learn from Santana's relationship, break-up, and reunion with Brittany? A lot.


Remember that terrible Glee episode where everyone got drunk and was assigned a party-stereotype? Us too — even though we wish we could forget it. Well, during that very same episode, Sam and Brittany kissed and Santana freaked the hell out. Because, duh — hooking up with someone else's girlfriend is SO uncool, but Santana forgave Brittany anyway and now they're back together. So, if Big Sean did cheat on Rivera, maybe she can find it in her heart to forgive him — or not, we support her decision either way. And if she needs to bitch-slap someone, that's cool too.

Talk It Out

Obviously, judging by her short-lived tweet, Rivera has something to be pissed about. We don't know what it is, but it's something. And if she's angry enough to tweet it and then regret doing it, there's a lot of feelings involved. I mean, duh, they were engaged for six months and together for a year — they were obviously in love. So they need to talk — if there's anything Brittany and Santana have learned that's important to the success of their relationship, it's talking about their feelings. And if they can't talk — they sing (which is something Rivera and Big Sean have in common with her Glee relationship).

Admitting That A Break Is Okay

Brittany and Santana broke up for awhile and dated other people before they got back together (remember when Brittany almost married Sam because the world was ending and Santana met Dani in New York). And Santana never stopped missing her, but they still tried on some other relationships for size before they realized that they were soulmates. Maybe Rivera and Big Sean should do the same — considering that they're only 27 and 26 respectively, they could take a little time apart to sort things out and then come back to one another. If they're going to commit for the rest of their lives, the need to make mature choices about what's best for them, after all.

Being Honest

Even if it means being vulnerable.

I guess this really just applies to talking it out — but Santana and Brittany stopped hiding behind walls a long time ago. When they feel something, they say something because when you love someone, you tell them. Right? Maybe Rivera and Big Sean's problem was that they stopped saying how much they loved each other every day? Either way, it can't hurt to say it — especially when you're planning on getting married.

A Grand Romantic Gesture Doesn't Hurt

Brittany planning that big trip to Lesbos, filling the choir room with lilies — that's what a romantic gesture is all about. If Big Sean screwed up, it couldn't hurt to fill a room with Rivera's favorite flowers and take her to her favorite destination. And if no one screwed up, maybe they just need a little injection of romance to solve their problems. It worked on Glee — and we've seen how often life's imitated art where that show's involved.

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