Breast Enhancement Ads May Be Banned On the NYC Subway But All the Other Obscene Stuff Can Stay

New York City subway riders may no longer have to see breast-enhancement ads on their daily commute, if a top aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo has his way. Howard Glaser, Cuomo’s director of state operations, wrote a letter to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to complain about breast-enhancement ads for Doctors Plastic Surgery, which are located on 1,000 subway cars and in 50 stations. Following Glaser's encouragement, the MTA agreed to reconsider its advertising standards. No word yet on whether anyone is taking steps to cut down on all the other obscene stuff you're likely to encounter on the NYC subway (show of hands, who has seen a drunk person's genitalia on the L train?)

Glaser's move wasn't exactly about encouraging women to love what nature gave them. Instead, it seems he's all about shielding the children from the harsh realities of plastic surgery. “The MTA is a public conveyance, subsidized by $190 million annually in the state budget, plus over $5 billion in dedicated taxes,” Glaser wrote. “The public has a right to expect that the MTA will strive for a family-friendly environment.”

Subway rider Sidney Bowen expressed similar qualms with the offensive ad. “I have a 6 year old and a 9 year old and she did see that and she just stared at it for a couple seconds and you know what’s going on,” Bowen told CBS New York. Other subway riders reported being pretty unfazed by the ad — because what else would you expect from a subway ad? How about we turn the conversation around to how these ads portray women and, you know, focus on what the children think about that?

Image: Monica Andino/Bustle