Minnie Driver Quits Twitter Because You Were Being a Total Jerk

I used to assume that being a celebrity made you immune to the normal day-to-day insecurities about your appearance. I mean, sure, celebrities are always talking about how they have days where they don't feel so good about themselves, and hey, being a celebrity doesn't really stop you from experiencing hurt feelings when people criticize you, and Minnie Driver just proved that. Minnie Driver quit Twitter Friday after backlash about a bikini pic the paparazzi snapped of her got a little out of hand. The About a Boy actress tweeted this about the photos:

God, some people are horrible... You try being photographed when you don't know it's happening, when you're on holiday with your kids.

Ugh, I don't want to imagine. Someone invading your privacy — when you're with your family, no less — in order to snap the least flattering shot of you possible sounds like a terrible dream. What's surprising about this is that Driver is so vocal about her anger about the responses to her pic — most celebrities would stay quiet. I'm glad that she hasn't.

We put celebrities on this pedestal and assume that, even if they do read our tweets, that they couldn't care less about our opinions — that's why it seems so easy to cut them down. But while gossiping over lunch about Brangelina will never get back to them in the same way that, say, gossiping about your actual friends might, we shouldn't become cyberbullies on Twitter just for the sake of being nasty. Would you call a friend-of-a-friend fat after seeing a pic of her in a bathing suit? No, because that would make you awful. We shouldn't be doing that to anyone, and that includes celebrities. Even if they never, ever read your tweet, that's just some serious body snarking that you don't need to engage in. Who are you, Regina George? Cut it out, okay?

It sucks that Minnie Driver felt the need to quit Twitter because of the bullies out there. It's time that we're all a little nicer on the Internet.