Kim Kardashian's 'Sports Illustrated' Cover Will Only Happen If Chrissy Teigen Gets Involved

Apparently Sports Illustrated has turned its models into recruiters, with seasoned veterans looking for the best bikini bodies out there. At least, that's what Chrissy Teigen is doing. In a recent interview with E! News, Teigen endorsed Kim Kardashian as a potential Sports Illustrated model. She said that Kim "would be fantastic," adding, "I mean if there is a swimsuit body out there, it's Kim Kardashian, my goodness!" To which the world replied, "no shit." The only actual question is, would Kim do it?

There's no doubt that the magazine would love to have her. As Teigen so expertly observed, Kim has a great swimsuit body, it's kind of half the reason she's famous in the first place, and she would make any issue of Sports Illustrated an instant bestseller. But recently, it seems like Kim wants to be taken more seriously—she is the future Mrs. Kanye West, after all, and we all know how serious he can be.

Then, of course, there's the Vogue cover. Kim's dreams came true when she finally landed that coveted photo shoot, so she might not want to do the raunchier stuff like Sports Illustrated anymore, no matter how many people want it. Then again, she posts plenty of bikini selfies on Instagram, so why not let a magazine pay her for basically the same photos?

If Teigen really wants Kim to join her in Sports Illustrated, she can probably help sway her opinion. Teigen is married to a serious musician of her own, John Legend, and one double date could get both halves of Kimye on board.

So Kim fans, look out for next year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, it just might contain the world's most famous butt. If not, don't worry. There's always Instagram.