Please Watch These Women Fly For the First Time

Are you feeling jaded today? Are you utterly unimpressed with the fact that you can FaceTime with someone a continent away at the press of a button? Or that something called the Internet is somehow gathering information from out there in the universe or the cloud or some server somewhere (clearly I did not read up on the specifics of this), thus allowing you to read thoughts that a perfect stranger has committed to print? Or that scientists can grow vaginas in a lab now? Sometimes we just need to be reminded of how freaking spectacular the world is — spectacular in its natural beauty, spectacular in its inhabitants, and spectacular in the crazy technological advancements available to us.

This "An & Ria's #First Flight" video (brought to you by Vodafone) reminds us of all three of those things (Also spectacular? My ability to go gaga over an intentionally tear-jerking promotional video for a big, profit-driven corporation).

An and Ria are two elderly women who have never before been on an airplane. Vodafone's #Firsts series focuses on people from around the world doing something for the first time — Olympian Mary Kom builds India's first female fight club; Surfer Tom Lowe battles the epic waves of Mexico'sTodos Santos for the first time — and so they put our damn adorable protagonists on a flight to Barcelona (where they, of course, used the Vodafone unaxone tablet to send scenic pictures to their family members). Watching their wonderment as the aircraft reaches above the clouds is enough to warm my cold heart — and convince me that perhaps I should stop taking so much Klonopin before flights.

See the video below, and fast forward to six minutes if you're short on time.

Image: Vodafone